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Citizen A.I.

Mikala Hyldig Dal, Birk Schmithüsen, Nina Maria Stemberger

Citizen A.I., project sketch (2023)
Citizen A.I., project sketch (2023)

If an AI could dream of a sustainable planetary society, what would its dreams tell us? Which images would materialize, which plans and interventions? If an AI, instead of being a mindless automaton, could fuse the minds, emotions and concerns of earthlife into an interspecies consciousness, what new modes of citizenship could emerge? 

Citizen A.I. explores a possible near future where the climate politics of Hamburg is transferred to a citizens-biased artificial intelligence.

Governments worldwide have prioritized the short-term gain of industry and capital at the expense of environmental health and the survival of countless species – could an A.I. set new standards for humanist politics? And how can we integrate the agency of ordinary citizens in the process? 

Through the combination of an intervention in public space and a public InterAction booth at the Central Library, Bürger*in KI creates an open mindspace for citizens' participation in the climate care discourse, while developing concrete urban solutions assisted by GERICS, System Dynamics and AI processing.

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