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Join us at the CityClimate meets CreativeCoding Festival from October 4th - 6th in Hamburg!

A three day excursion along the intersections of art, science and climate data. Featuring international and Hamburg based art works, projects, workshops, serious games and experiments.


What is CityClimate meets Creative Coding about?

Started one year ago as an art-science research experiment on the topic of climate, data and sustainable urban planning and initiated by City Science Lab at HafenCity University Hamburg and Kulturtsiftung des Bundes, the project invited creative workers and researchers to develop collaboratively projects in a series of workshops at the City Science Lab. At this Festival we present these projects jointly with a selection of current media art, talks and workshops. This Festival engages with visionaries, artists, scientists, and thinkers to explore the pressing issues of our time: climate change and urban planning together with our partners from the Urban Science & Policy @ Delft University of Technology.


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