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Fabiola Kuonen: Directing, Text & Performance

Ilja Mirsky: Dramaturgy, Project lead

Meredith Thomas: Creative Technologist

Jakob Wierzba: Design & Code

Julius Gervelmeyer: Technical concept

Sean Keller: Outside Eye

Lorin Brockhaus: Music

Climate Future: Image Generator, project sketch (2023)

A performative walk at the HafenCity with the AI-based App “Climate Future : Image Generator” [CF:IG]


In the year 2050, the emergence of a new species is noted in the HafenCity area of Hamburg. What conditions enable its growth? What will its impact be? Has rapid environmental change and the rising waters helped or hindered this invasive new species? 


This guided tour takes you through Europe’s largest urban development project and investigates invisible relations in its unique ecosystem. It enables an imaginative near-future vision of Hamburg, as it experiences a climate crisis. By combining artistic and technological approaches GOOD BYE HAMBURG integrates a pipeline of state-of-the-art AI models, site-specific storytelling and climate data.


Immerse yourself in a visual narrative that unveils a potential future, revealing how your surroundings might be dramatically transformed by the climate crisis. Witness the power of innovation and exploration as we embark on this extraordinary journey of discovery together.



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